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How To Grow Dental Practice

Why didn’t my university teach me how to grow my dental practice? That’s the most common question dentists ask themselves. However, what we might all agree on is discovering a great dentist can be a hard task.

You may find that bringing in new patients can be a tricky ordeal. Here are a few sensible ideas when it comes to marketing for dentistry. This article will give you some great insight into what it takes in 2020 and beyond to grow a dental practice. The 15 tips below will make sure you’ll never have to about the growth of your dental practice.

how to build a dental practice

Google My Business App

Google Maps can work wonders for helping potential patients discover where you are locally.
If your dental practice doesn’t have an SEO expert to optimize your Maps listing, it might be best to simply run Google Map Ads to gain more website traffic.

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Emergency Search Keywords

A new patient can come in any form. Often many people are searching for emergency treatments. I discovered myself Googling “emergency wisdom teeth extraction Orlando” at 2 AM about a year ago. 

The first 2 results didn’t supply a “call” to action. Therefore I chose the 3rd one. None of them went into detail about what emergency services they provided or who to contact. I chose the dental practice that was ranked at the top because they were the most informative and Google rewarded them with my business.

But make sure that the practice of yours can take emergency cases and offers a simple method to contact you or a staff member, otherwise you might end up getting a bad review on Google… That is the patient experience you want to be known for.

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Based on a study completed in 2014, 88 % of consumers trust internet reviews almost as much as a family member’s recommendation.

 I can’t emphasize the benefits of Yelp enough, it’s one of the most well-known review sites around. Yelp review sites are almost as credible as Google My Business reviews, but not quite.

 More than likely most people enjoy leaving a nice review of the dental practice of yours when asked properly. Yelp is the very first place millennials go searching for a great dentist, see to it that you are actively engaged there before accepting new patients

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Email Marketing

Any dental practice must have an email campaign in their marketing arsenal. Imagine a world where the patients of yours could email you whenever they desired to make an appointment.

 A scheduled appointment system is an essential tool for marketing in dentistry. It makes scheduling super easy to keep track of patient appointments and reminders. 

Better yet, you can mail bills this way, along with sweet “we miss you, it’s been a while!” email messages.

Instagram Account

Ever watched the show Dr. Pimple Popper? It shows some cringe-worthy pimple popping sessions. The star of the show is a dermatologist that rose to fame on social media via Instagram.

Celebrities use Instagram to showcase their brand prodcuts to their most loyal fan base. You can create a patient base of local patients through Instagram rather effectively. 

Using Instagram effectively will help grow your practice through social media interactions. If you stay up to date on your Instagram account and reply to requests, then you’ll always on the minds of your ideal patients that are searching for dentists.

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Direct Mail Marketing

The times of stuffing mailboxes with postcard ads aren’t over. 

Direct mail still functions, particularly for baby boomers, and it’s a great chance to showcase the specialty of yours. Also showcasing treatment plans and services. 

Dental practices found that for every 5,000 postcards delivered, they got an average of 35 phone calls and 7 new patients. That is a fantastic return on investment!

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Youtube Video Advertising

As Hubspot just recently reported, the medical industry is frequently using video marketing and advertising. Do not miss the boat! 

Video with people that are real from the practice of yours can help create your link with the prospects of yours, that may cause believe in, recommendations, and additional visits.

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Referral Marketing

The overall patient experience accounts that 93% of individuals’ trust recommendations from their friends. This means encouraging those recommendations!

 Referral bonuses could be utilized to hold current customers and increase the practice of yours. You can show your gratitude to your patient base by giving discounts for your elected offers.

how to grow a dental practice

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook recently announced a brand new ad element which utilizes Messenger for more than just customer service to speak with businesses. 

Advertisers must be able to work a creative ‘Call To Action’ on their Messenger ads. Facebook Messenger is also another way to politely ask your patients for reviews.

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Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads can be accomplished using Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Both of these platforms work great when it comes to retargeting ads. 

This is one of the best marketing strategies and often described as “easy money.” It allows you to reach individuals that have gone to your website, or specific offers. When the prospect goes to another platform they are served a reminder of your advertisement. 

Centered on recapturing all those lost leads. Simply publish the email addresses creating a remarketing audience and develop an advertisement.

 This in turn would encourage individuals to see the practice of yours once more – possibly a reminder for cleansing or teeth whitening.

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Facebook Ads

While you would like to tell others about your dental practice, selling services and products is also important.
Facebook has an insane level of demographic targeting available and you can use this to your advantage. Besides the apparent, you can also target customers by language, location, income, employment, relationship status, and interests.

 Research indicates that females make up to 90 % of all dental buying decisions. Ensure you are researching the group you’re advertising to by targeting the ads to females who just recently purchased children’s clothes and dwell in your local area.

how to build a dental practice

Have an Optimized Dental Website

Images of dental practices hit home with most people. It creates a sense of an honest family-oriented business.

Websites are intended to be engaging and active, but this is usually forgotten by the medical community. When someone visits the website of yours, you have to make sure that you’ve included all the necessary information sought after by a brand new patient.

Put simply, your websites’ main purpose must be driving new patients.
Good sites cost money.

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Optimize your Dental SEO

SEO for dentists, also known as dental SEO, concentrates on optimizing a dentistry practice’s site for search engines. 

Not only is it critical to appear on Google, Yahoo!, and also Bing, but it’s critical to be displayed on page 1.

 Search Engine Optimizations can consist of well-researched content while making the website mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and useful to potential patients.

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Host a local event

One of the more effective techniques to grow your practice and entice patients is to host a local promo event. You can host an event at your clinic’s location. Some marketing ideas to use can include contests, giveaways, drawings etc. 

This will create a lasting impression with potential patients and they’ll remember your name when they search for a trustworthy dentist.

Sponsoring community events is a great approach to the dental marketing plan of yours. Be a sponsor for a local community event that positively impacts your local area.

In case you are just getting started, having your logo or name at a nearby event will help develop brand recognition. When there is a concert or maybe a race involved, send 1 of your workers down to give out coupons and fliers to entice new patients.

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Reputation Management

If you would like to get brand new dental patients choosing your practice when they perform internet searches, managing reviews becomes vital. Positive reviews are a necessity. If you’ve just opened a new practice, you likely have no reviews. 

This can be because of several reasons.
Nobody will select a dental professional without any reviews over a dental professional with many reviews that are positive. The online reputation of yours is very crucial, so supreme when it involves the digital presence of yours, it can help you move from average production volume to booked.

The fact is, reviews are the main factor folks think about when creating a purchase decision. So if you have landed several patients through your friends or employees, ask them very effectively to write an evaluation.
Yelp, Facebook, along with Google Reviews are the largest ones to consider to for small businesses. 

If a person uses Google search to locate your dental practice, or perhaps Google Maps, they’re easily in a position to determine your address proximity and your trustworthiness.


We truly hope this article has given you some deep insights into how to grow a dental practice. If you need any help with SEO or social media advertising we offer a 14-DAY FREE TRIAL of our stellar services. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.