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Facebook Marketing For Dentists

When it comes to developing a Facebook marketing for dentists’ strategy plan, Facebook seems to be the holy grail of profitable marketing.

At this point, all other marketing efforts come in second place. Ultimately, it comes down to offering patients an irresistible offer. Another good advertising strategy is Google Ads.

But truthfully, they can’t compare to the Facebook advertising platform. When advertisers use the Facebook ads platform correctly, a skilled dental marketing plan can reap huge benefits.

If you don’t have a social media marketing strategy in place, your practice will suffer big time compared to your competitors.

We have Facebook advertising experts here ready to get the ball rolling for your dental practice.

We have highly proven winning ad campaigns marinating in our back pockets waiting for you to set them loose.

Facebook Advertising For You

From what we have seen, most dentists gave up using Facebook ads simply because they weren’t using them correctly. 

Acquiring new patients shouldn’t be a hassle, it should come like clockwork.
More than ever before, it is a great time to become a dental professional.
But, exactly how should you make your best practices shine?

This one-page article will get your dental practice on the right path to generating a massive flood of new patients every month.

For years, dentists depended on word of mouth for business promotions. But now, Facebook ads for dentists is turning into a huge part of their general strategy.

A recent study says more than 55% of dentists use Facebook pages for their clinics.
That which their business page accounts for roughly half of their new patients.

Before committing to Facebook ads you must understand that the majority of traditional marketing methods aren’t working any longer. 

Most people are going to throw your flyer straight into the trash bin. They won’t pay attention to the ads of yours on the radio either.

They are just going to turn over the paper page in which your advertisement is on and never turn back to that page ever again.

Dental Marketing Done Right

facebook advertising

Hence, you have to post the ads of yours in which your potential clients spend the majority of their pleasure time: on social networking.

Nearly everybody has no less than one social networking account these days. The most used platform of this sort is Facebook advertisements, boasting more than two billion people.

Facebook marketing for dentists is the ideal social media marketing platform to reach out to your target audience. And your target audience is the ones that keep coming back to you for years to come.

Dental practices are, just like the family doctor. It’s a location where all people of the household go to manage their oral health. Your practice ought to make it appear that it welcomes whole families as the patients of theirs, including children.

The world’s hottest social network combines consumer’s interests and areas to advertise you to them.

The ad appears straight onto the newsfeed of people who might need oral treatment nearest you.
Facebook provides 2 kinds of advertising: boost posts plus ad campaign.
Another good thing about Facebook marketing is that you get to set the budget.

You can figure out just how much you want to spend daily. Therefore, you do not get stuck with an enormous bill for all your ad campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

marketing for dentists

I realize it looks as if I am making it seem like an ATM. It is less than that until the moment you determine your winning opportunities. After that, you can set up the finances as you please. You don’t want to have a large budget until you understand what your ROI is.

Social networking is a medium where friends, family, and colleagues can share personal info.
It is also where more than 74% of prospects go when they are looking to get a brand new treatment.

They want to find out about a dentist’s reputation online before they decide who will be their new dentist. A patient testimonial is worth the weight of gold in the online realm.

That is exactly why social internet marketing for dentists is such a valuable approach for attracting new patients. A friendly relationship with your current ones will create an aura of invincibility among your community.

Social networking is a platform where friends, family, and colleagues can share their info.

It is also where more than 74% of individuals go when they are looking to get a brand new treatment.
Facebook is also a place to learn about new offers, or maybe just find a brand new dentist.

That is exactly why social internet marketing for dentists is such a useful and valuable approach for attracting new patients, mingling with present ones, and creating a reputation of yours in your local community.

You can also get hints for making almost all of the social media presence of yours.

Facebook Marketing For Dentists W/ Video

facebook marketing background

If your electronic marketing content creation tactic does not include video, then it’s time to begin.

Your patients do not only want mobile content. They need video, also.

Additionally, video is a good way to connect socially. You can post reviews, community events, case studies, procedures, and much more.

There’s no limit to the reasons why video content can help you develop a brand of yours.
Depending on the ad campaign and the subject material, ads may not be the sole motive to get going with video.
You will have access to various other networks as well.

Pediatric Dentistry Marketing

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Do you have your own pediatric dentistry? You can set your market to dads and moms as demographics.

Screening individuals for oral cancer? Facebook allows you to target owners by age. With budget versatility, you can run a campaign for just 1 day, or even as long as you would like.

With Facebook marketing, you get the chance to reach your target audience every day.
You can also retarget your post straight to the people most likely to become patients.
This ends in a higher ROI, along with a lot less cash you’ve had to spend.

The 3 common forms of focusing on Facebook ads are Demographic, Behavioral, and Interest.

Stay away from Interest targeting. It is not a good choice for promoting a local company on Facebook.
You are simply serving an advertisement to the competitors of yours, or maybe other companies within the dental field.
Who is “interested” in dentistry? Most likely not a prospective patient.
Facebook is very effective for word-of-mouth marketing.

An excellent comment can have the ability to sway a patient away from a dentist they have used for decades.
And search engines such as Google will capture the reviews of yours on the search results. Doing so will be boosting the reputation of yours even further.

Dental methods are a place for each member of the family – mom, kids, and dad.
Try to go beyond the particular procedures you sell (as cavity fillings as well as root canals) and use ideas like comfort, trust, confidence, and health.

Going to the dental office is nerve-wracking for most people. Many patients put off the appointments of theirs for the longest time possible.
So, work on a pleasant voice and message that comforts and reassures the individual.
Every social media marketing strategy boils down to this: without engagement, there is no traction.
Using Facebook advertising is a perfect way to target your ideal audience. It’s also a powerful way to increase your likelihood of getting likes, shares, and comments out of your post.

Sharing important resources such as dental industry updates or the latest blog post on your site is also a great way to promote your website.

Keeping Contact With Patients

dental marketing

Using professional emails will help your brand become an authority in the dental industry.

Use the best SEO for dental practices and your blog will rise in the rankings due to increased traffic from social. It’s a win-win!

Facebook Messenger

According to Facebook, 54% of US social media users said they preferred channels like Facebook Messenger over email, phone, or chat. And this shift is likely to increase.

A major part of the customer service experience for years, now Facebook is offering advertising options for the Messenger app. This will make it easier to get your message in front of engaged users.

Facebook Messenger chatbots can help your followers get answers to frequently asked questions and more. Having a bot set up on your Facebook page is a way to provide customer service even when you are not available.

Facebook groups

Facebook is recommending Groups as a means to get more organic engagement. Its latest algorithm and site design suggest Groups as a means for like-minded users to communicate.
Make sure you are following relevant dentist groups on Facebook to network and grow your professional expertise.
Using groups will help you form partnerships, and learn from fellow dentists.
Track conversions and website activity with Facebook’s new adoptions.
Like with Google and Microsoft, Facebook offers targeting users who have been on your website.
With the use of Facebook Pixel, you can track user behaviors to deliver more targeted messaging.
Facebook is focusing many of its new ad options on creating custom audiences using pixel behavior. If you haven’t already, take a good look at your website to see where you could track an action made by a user.

Dental Facebook Marketing Conclusion

social media advertising for dentist

Facebook marketing for dentists is essential for any dental practice, established or new. With some easy strategies and attention to the patient of yours, you will soon see results that are positive out of your Facebook efforts.

A good Facebook page profile is going to help any dentistry practice. Whether it is a couple of weeks away from opening, or even if it’s reopening after a long closure.
If you feel like you need help maximizing your Facebook marketing, simply reach out to by filling out our forms below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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