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Dental Marketing Print Ads

Using Print Media as Part of Your Dental Marketing Plan

Print media can mean almost anything that’s held and read by consumers near your dental practice. Newspapers and magazines will likely be the first two that come to mind. But there are boatloads of others. You may have a local subdivision nearby with a monthly newsletter as well. That most likely would be traditional print media. Generally, this medium can be feast or famine when it comes to adding it to your dental marketing program.

In certain markets, it takes two or three attempts to find a dependable print media outlet. Make sure you find one that offers a sustainable and consistent return. That’s why print media has a 62% success rate. But, once you find the winning formula, this medium can be a dependable part of your marketing mix. We recommend taking a look at print media once you have exhausted the capacity of lower-risk mediums.

Marketing Denture Ads

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Church bulletins, college publications, and local newsletters

Why is it that we advocate advertising in this minuscule, local print mediums? That’s because they won’t put a big dent on your dental marketing budget. And they offer an older demographic that need dental work. It has a big public relations value. They are also cheap and owing to the tight distribution region, you won’t waste a penny of your investment. Realize that paying for ad space in these types of community mediums is first a donation. Should you advertise on your kid’s high school bulletin? If so, you’re doing it to encourage your faculty or the group. But it will offer some local public relations value as well. Plus it gives you a chance to tell your story and talk about what you could do to help. Will you get tons of patients? No. But you may get 2 or 3, and you’ve built some goodwill in the local community.

Tips: Do not use this type of moderate to brag on your practice. Focus on the good things that you can do for people locally. When possible, use photos or testimonials from recognizable members of your community on your ads.

Coffee table magazines

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Coffee table magazines are usually eight or 16-page glossy magazines. They are sent out on their own or added to the local paper. These magazines take well to advertising, and they are all about you, from start to finish. The significant advantage of this format is that it gives you a chance to showcase the very best about your practice. It also showcases the different services that you offer. You have an opportunity to engage your viewers in-depth with an attractive layout. Make your articles drive emotion that describes the benefits of your practice. It’s one of the few opportunities you will get to own the medium. It’s unlike taking out a magazine or newspaper ad, where you have to compete with everything else on the page.

A coffee table magazine can capture your viewer’s attention very efficiently. It helps communicate that you’re a high-end, high-quality practice. This type of medium requires a large up-front investment. Print ads are generally between 100,000, and 250,000 pieces. The more you print, the lower the per-piece price is, but as soon as you return around 40,000 copies, the cost per bit becomes restrictive. Due to the costs involved, you need to make sure this medium is right for you and your clinic. If you are a family-oriented middle-income clinic, you should not consider this medium–in fact, it would be a tragedy.

Trendy Magazines

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You can equate investing some of your annual dental marketing budgets at a magazine into enjoying a slot machine at a casino. When playing with a slot machine, you will get many spins that are losing, but a major payoff for a good spin. Magazines, especially luxury magazines, can function in the same manner. These ads tend to attract a lower number of patients. But you’re more inclined to get patients with money to invest in dental care.

Much like ANY promotion medium, the plan is to influence a patient. Magazines can have lofty advertising prices. To control, you must have the biggest, best, and baddest ad and/or ad position inside the magazine. These cost cash. But, if you have analyzed the magazine’s money AND you think that it’s your precise target market AND you can afford it, go ahead. Buy an ad that will stand out among all the others. You probably have a winner in mind.

Tips: Make sure you have a telephone tracking number in place to watch inquiries as time passes. Make sure the magazine aims the ideal readership. Does it cater to females? Males? Does this cover your geographical area completely? Is there much ‘squander’ if the distribution extends farther than your practice area? Find out how many of your competitors will be advertising from the magazine. The presence of competitors will enhance the effectiveness of your advertisement.

Newspaper Advertising

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Newspapers have undergone a radical shift in the last few decades. And the medium is still in a state of transition. Before the times of satellite cable and high-speed Internet, papers were a much more vital (and predictable) medium. it was common to invest dental marketing dollars into. Nearly everybody reads the local paper. Today, the readership continues to dwindle and the age of the average reader skews older and older.

But it is not time to write off the newspapers yet. In fact, in certain ways, they are becoming a more viable option for dental marketing. This is because many papers are beginning to reinvent themselves. They are moving away from a national focus and towards more regional and local info. That is good news for three reasons. This means that the newspaper will become more for your target market. The mother likes to read public information, health care tips, gardening ideas, family living ideas, and cooking tips. They love to watch their kid’s names appear in the local high school and junior high newsletters. So when you put an advertisement, you won’t be wasting up to your financial plan. It makes no sense to invest in a print advertisement in a paper with a circulation of 250,000 if your primary draw area just has 15,000 individuals inside. It means you’re very likely to receive a whole lot on your advertisement these days. As little, local newspapers pop up all over the country, they are vying for the identical readership. Now, nobody is going to read four local newspapers daily. Eventually, a few of those papers will merge. For now, these smaller local newspapers realize they’re in direct competition for your advertising dollars. And most are eager to reduce the cost to strike a deal with you. (Of course, once the consolidation happens and the competition… is gone, the costs will rise!)

Conclusion and Tips

Tips: Remember that paper readership will be older. Ensure that your commercials are centered closer to this audience. Run each ad with a call tracking phone number so you can watch the response rate. Strategy to conduct at least 10 placements of the ad. Compare each position and keep advertising in the newspaper that produces the best return on your investment. If you’d like help with your marketing, reach out to us below.

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