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Dental Marketing After COVID 19

Dental marketing after covid 19 is a must-plan strategy for every practice. As the nation gets ready to fully open back up within the next few weeks, all businesses will no doubt, operate differently than they did before.

Your dental practice is going to have to operate on high-alert. Most dental offices are going to need a strategic plan to effectively regain patient trust after the fear caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having all your team members on the same page will be critical in making sure patient safety stays at the forefront of your dental practice.

In this article, we’re going to give you some tips on how you can acquire potential patients using effective social media advertising.

Dental Marketing Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis restrictions are impacting Google facilities in Silicon Valley.

This has pressured Google to generate several short-term business modifications. How they are handling the daily operations of theirs include the Google My Business listings.

For the most part, this isn’t beneficial to the dental marketing efforts of yours. Google is stopping consumers from publishing reviews of any style at this time.

This service is going to resume after normal business operations are restored.
Before you start doing some marketing, start with one easy task first: caring for yourself.

Keeping Patients Safe From Coronavirus

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This might seem ridiculously selfish, however, it is the first step in developing a good marketing strategy for the dental office of yours. Personal wellness can result in a clear mind and positive feelings.

Having this type of mindset can help you create techniques that will best serve your existing patients while attracting new patients as well.
Getting outdoors and soaking in the air and the sunshine is a great habit to establish.
All things considered, physical health greatly benefits psychological health. Make appropriate community events to showcase the services you provide for the community.

Also, don’t be afraid to offer free services to the people that are low-income individuals.
Showing that you care about your community goes a very long way in establishing you as the dental leader locally.

Connecting With Your Patients

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There are a ton of things we can’t control in this world today. When you’re sitting at home on a Wednesday at two pm, it’s hard to imagine that your dental practice is closed until further notice.

We understand how stressful that can be, so that’s why we’re making an informative article for you. We want you to absorb as much knowledge as possible for the marketing of your practice after COVID-19 has reared its ugly head, or shall we say ugly crown?

So, what can you manage to do in this particular out-of-control world?

Temporarily, you can focus on connecting with your existing patients. You can reconnect with them easily via a social media post or e-mail.
It’s also a great time to clean scrub your email address list to get maximum deliverability.

Dentist marketing after covid 19

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Send a well-planned text that says, “we’re currently thinking of you,” or maybe a short article helping them deal with making their home virus-free. It also include tips for taking care of their family’s overall health.

All these are options that let your patients know you haven’t been ignoring them. Patient communication is key, plus you’re giving them a heads up when you’re going to open your doors back up.

These measures will help stabilize the relationships now and they’ll soar later.
Use your social networking channels to share the latest information about your dental practices.
An informative dentist updates his patients at least once or twice a week. Another thing. Make your messages positive.

Keep The Patients Informed

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People focus more on positive feelings, as positive actions get more people looking forward to their routines.
It also makes people look forward to interacting with people face to face again.

This downtime is also the best time to assess and improve the marketing strategy of yours.
Start by going back over an old case study. Try to gather twenty to thirty “before” and “after” pictures and info on those certain cases.

You don’t have to use their personal information or precise numbers, use only age ranges & genders, etc. Share information about what methods you conducted for that specific patient. 

Include any other details which may be relevant to potential patients that are looking for the same kind of treatments.

Paint A Positive Picture

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Be sure to use these stories and images on the website of yours, or in a publication.
You can use this before and after portfolio in a binder that will sit on the table in your lobby. Having them browse these images paints an excitable image of themselves in their mind.

Keep in mind that images matter. The right pictures are going to sell a concept and illustrate your skills better than words can describe. It is going to show what you can do for the patients in their near future if they choose you for their dental care.

Dental Website Pyschology

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Now it’s time to look at your website along with your other marketing materials. What’s the very first impression you get from it? What’s the site tell about your medical background? Does it display the best in professional patient care?

It takes the average patient between 3-5 seconds to decide if they’re going to make an effort to contact you.
In case your website doesn’t express this message immediately, then you’re losing quite a chunk of potential income.

If it doesn’t make a great first impression then it’s time to revamp the website of yours. Consider what you might do differently to produce a connection with the individual. Sending the idea that you care about them goes a long way.

Get Your Dental SEO Fixed

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And in case you feel your site does answers these questions instantly, then it’s time to dig a little deeper. Do the solutions sound personal and authentic?
Do they seem as though you are being positive in your dental practice?
Does the site define the company motto?

Think about adding an email option to a newsletter.

This way, when a patient visits the site of yours, they see your idea instantly.

Another great idea is to make certain the hours of your dental practice are big and bold, easy to see.
Potential patients need to know when they can visit your practice.

Consider Hiring A Professional Marketer

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Lastly, do not hesitate to contact a dental advertising agency to seek specialized assistance.
Now we have talked about the methods of looking for ways to make the most out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting a new patient doesn’t have to take a lot of hard work. You might see an opportunity for improvement in the current marketing strategy of yours, and we have some suggestions on how you can correct it.

In case you are feeling stressed and you wish to take your marketing to a higher level, look for a marketing agency that is focused specifically on dental practices.

A good marketing company is going to give you more than just great ideas. They need to have an excellent dental marketing program that enables you to access information that will help you serve your patients much better.

Today is a great time to make a dental marketing after covid 19 business decision. Contact us if you need a big boost in your monthly patient revenue.

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